Terms & Conditions


After payment confirmation, you will get your data… Within 24 hours your data will be delivered to your Email or WhatsApp.

Refund Your Money 

100% refund if data is not received within 24 hours after payment.

Non-Refundable Payment Policy 

The money you have paid is not refunded. No matter what the data is?Because after getting the data people try to fool us...

No credit sell & No free data 

We Don't Provide Sample Data For Free. Because we also have to do data costing pay first...

Data Replacement 

If data contains any genuine issue (Dnd, invalid, not reachable) then I will replace your complete data free of cost. The orders were purchased within the last 24 hours. [ NEED to share your feedback sheet ]

Understanding the Policies ➡

Clients are advised to carefully read and comprehend these policies before engaging with our services to ensure a smooth and satisfactory experience.

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